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Why Coach Teni?

What I am and What I am about

Hello, and welcome to CT the PT. Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Teni, I have over 10 years’ experience of gym-based training and a lifetime of experience of training for various sports. This has enabled me to work with people from all walks of life to achieve a range of fitness and performance goals. As well as this, I have first-hand experience of training for and achieving a range of physical and psychological goals.

Fitness and physical activity is not only something that I believe we should all participate in regularly, but something much more – it’s a non-negotiable cornerstone for enabling you to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and psychologically.


We are ready, are you?

Qualifications and Experience

Reason 1

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Reason 2

Soon to be Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach

Reason 3

Trained by some of the most elite S&C coaches globally

Reason 4

Multi-discipline elite athlete (Basketball, Professional experience and Athletics, Semi-Pro Experience)

Reason 5

10 years of gym-based and Strength & Conditioning experience

Reason 6

Trained some of the most elite athletes on the planet, as well as those who are just beginning their journey

Reason 7

I first-hand have had to overcome many physical and psychological obstacles in order to reach my goals

Reason 8

I still (and will always) practise what I preach

My Mission?

•  In short, my mission is to support and facilitate you in reaching your physical and psychological goals. 

•  Along the way however, I aim to educate where needed as we build the habits that will last you a life-time meaning that you will be more than capable of continuing to train independent of myself. Enjoyment of training is incredibly important, and I aim to ensure that the journey with me (no matter the ups and downs) is as enjoyable as possible. 

•  It’s important for me to make clear that I understand everyone’s journey and goals are different and that you yourself may have multiple journey’s and no two will be identical; therefore, everything we do will be 100% focused and based on you and your needs.


One thing is the same for everyone however, that you will have grown and become a greater version of yourself as when complete our mission.


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