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Are you ready to Release The Athlete Within?

“At CT Performance Training I take a holistic approach to training with health as the centre-piece of our ethos in everything we offer, whether you’re an elite athlete or if you are looking to begin your fitness/sporting journey.”

What I'm About

I specialise in a multitude of areas when it comes to training and facilitating you to ‘Release The Athlete Within’. My knowledge of the game consists of a unique blend of competing at an elite level, an abundance of scientifically proven academia and most importantly 10 years coaching an array of different level athletes from grassroots all the way up to the elite level.

I am one of the most academically qualified skills trainers and coach’s in the field (First Class Degree – Bsc Hons Sports Coaching and Analysis) coupled with elite playing and coaching experience alongside NBA, Euroleague, NCAA and international players and coach’s overall providing 8 years of experience at the elite level.


The Mission

We aim not only to develop you physically here at CT Performance Training, but also seek to develop you from a psychological standpoint from knowledge proven methods and real-life lessons experiences. We understand first-hand how challenging this journey can be, no matter your goals and aim to make your journey as straight-forward and stress-free as possible.

Train with Teni

1-2-1 Basketball Skills Training

Focusing on enhancing and evolving your individual skill set based around your specific needs

Group Basketball Skills Session

Working on essential skills in a group setting, providing an opportunity for you to compete in live breakdown drills and repetitions

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Performance Analysis

Putting your performance under the microscope as we identify tendencies, areas of strength and areas improvement in your game


The journey starts and ends with you, you can only fail if you decide

We are ready, are you?

What Our Athletes
Say About Us


"I have been working with Coach Teni for a while now and have seen amazing results. Whether we're studying film, working on my game or trying to get my body right he's always coming up with innovative ways for me to improve. He always ensures I understand why I am doing something and explaining the benefits it will provide which is hugely important for me."


Luke Busumbru

Professional Basketball Player

My Ethos

Your health will always be paramount to me and integrated into what we do. The stronger the foundation we build, the more we can do with respect to physical development. Bottom line, whatever your goal is - I aim to be the tool you need to ensure success in surpassing it.


"Coach Teni is one of the most organised and detail trainers I've worked with. His professionalism stands out and he is a guy thats clearly puts in a lot of work behind the scenes researching and studying the game because everything we did together on the court was meaningful and specifically suited to my game. I'd definitely recommend Coach Teni to any basketball player that is serious about improving their game."


Charles Acquah-Davis

Professional Basketball Player

"I've been working with Teni for about a year now and I can say he's probably the most influential person to help develop my game. He ways is very organised and makes sure everything goes by smoothly, he answers every question I ask and always gives an educated answer. My progression since I started working with him has been instrumental on and off the court, always making sure my body feels right and making sure I'm not injured and always acknowledging any sort of pain I have."
Mike B
"Working with coach Teni has been hugely beneficial for me in many ways. Before we started working together, I didn't have a jump shot at all, but now it is a crucial aspect of my game. Also, thanks to Ten's workouts and help, I have been able to develop my athleticism to levels which personally I didn't think I was capable of - I recently hit my first dunk at 5'8. Most importantly however, during his workouts, I was shown what real hard work felt like. Never before had I worked so intensely that I felt like I was going to throw up, but that is now what I expect to feel like at the end of every workout. Teni has completely changed the way I work, and I try to now apply that mindset to all aspect of life. Teni's patience, intelligence, and kindness make his workouts very enjoyable."
F. Freeman
"Coach Teni is a basketball coach of the highest calibre. He has the insight, experience and expertise to provide world class sessions for basketball players of all abilities. He offers challenging sessions that are tailored to the needs of each player in order to ensure each individual athlete reaches their optimal potential. His style is inspiring, challenging and motivational. I would recommend him to any parent or athlete seeking a first class basketball coach."
Amanda Brownell
" Coach Teni has helped me target the specific deficits in my game and develop strategies to fast track improving my offensive and defensive game. He targets all aspects of the athlete. His sessions are always varied, challenging and motivational. Working with Coach Teni has produced substantial gains for me in competitive matches and I recommend him to anyone who is serious about developing their game."
Max Mkpa
"Throughout my experience working with Coach Teni I can say that I have yet to work with a coach as motivating and committed. What separates him from other coaches is the investment he took in me as a client going above and beyond to help improve my game, whether it was travelling great distances to workout, offering to watch and analyse my game film, or researching about educational programmes and university courses for my future; he never failed to support and look out for me both as a player and a friend. His incessant work ethic, high basketball IQ, and his charismatic and engaging persona are just a few of the reasons he is not only an elite coach but also a great mentor and someone I’ve come to idolise in many ways."
Joe Renouf

Skill Development

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