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Our mission is to support and guide you as you fulfil your truest potential.

At CT Performance, we take a health first approach, facilitating your performance with an emphasis on your mental wellbeing. 

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CTP Training Session


1-2-1 Basketball Skills Training

 Personalised sessions to refine your individual skills.



Group Basketball Skills Sessions

Dynamic group workouts to improve team play and coordination.


Performance Analysis

In-depth evaluations to track and enhance your progress.

Grow & evolve

If you're ready then so are we

Challenge your physical and mental skills with experienced and qualified coaches.

  • 1-2-1 / Small group basketball skills development 
  • 1-2-1 / Small group PT/S&C session
  • Team S&C and basketball skills development
  • Youth (5-11) physical literacy session

If you're ready then so are we.

Grow & Evolve

Challenge and push your physical and mental limits skills.

With the guidance of our highly experienced and highly skilled coaches you will grow and evolve as you realise your truest potential.

The CT Performance Team and the athletes we work with are not only qualified and experienced, they are also exemplary individuals, embracing the qualities necessary to be successful in any walk of life, they are the blue print to be modelled after for generations to come.

We believe. that building a team and community of exemplary individuals and engaging with you through sport and exercise is the most efficient way to support you in your personal growth.

Our mission is to support athletes of all disciplines and backgrounds in realising and releasing the athlete within. At CT Performance, we strive to create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of pro athletes, whilst ensuring people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can level an active lifestyle, safely and effortlessly with great enjoyment.

At CT Performance, we show you how to release the Athlete within.

Teni Wood

Teni Wood

Founder and Head Coach

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"I have been working with Coach Teni for a while now and have seen amazing results. Whether we're studying film, working on my game or trying to get my body right he's always coming up with innovative ways for me to improve. He always ensures I understand why I am doing something and explaining the benefits it will provide which is hugely important for me."

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Luke Busumbru

Professional Basketball Player

My Ethos

Your health will always be paramount to me and integrated into what we do. The stronger the foundation we build, the more we can do with respect to physical development. Bottom line, whatever your goal is - I aim to be the tool you need to ensure success in surpassing it.


"Coach Teni is one of the most organised and detail trainers I've worked with. His professionalism stands out and he is a guy thats clearly puts in a lot of work behind the scenes researching and studying the game because everything we did together on the court was meaningful and specifically suited to my game. I'd definitely recommend Coach Teni to any basketball player that is serious about improving their game."

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Charles Acquah-Davis

Professional Basketball Player


"Teni has been a coach and I’ve always gone to for advice and guidance for on court/off court issues. His kindness and honesty has always helped push me to be the best athlete. I’ve reached a new level of confidence with his help, he’s helped me find comfort in dribbling the ball which has allowed me to advance to a 3/4. With his help this summer I’m more than ready to go to America! "

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Elia Ando

College Basketball Player


"Working with Coach Teni has been an amazing experience so far, every single workout I’ve had with him has been transferable to game situations. The intensity and thought process that has been built into each session helps me grow as a player and pushes me to my limit each time. If you’re looking for a great workout that you want to improve any area of your game, Coach Teni will 100% help you grow in that area. The change in your game will be noticeable."

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Jacob Stanuel-Taitte

Basketball Player


"My experience since I stared working with Coach Teni has been great. His sessions are always detailed and set out for his clients. They help me by giving me the opportunity to work on my game and improve in the areas i need to, while also competing and staying in shape."

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Juan Manning

Professional Basketball Player


"My experience training with Teni has been amazing! He’s been so helpful with developing my performance from ball handling, shooting off the dribble to reading different situations. He creates a very welcoming and comfortable environment which helps you make the most of your time! He’s an amazing person and basketball player with the knowledge and skills to guide you down the right path on/off the court and prepare you for the upcoming season. Never felt more prepared!"

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Tyra Phelan

College Basketball Player

We believe that being physically active, along with key aspects of our coaching, contributes to a positive social and cultural environment in our community.

Through our dedicated training, sport and exercise.

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If you're ready, then so are we!

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